Grand Masters Hockey European Cup 19th - 27th August 2017
Grand Masters Hockey European Cup19th - 27th August 2017 

Alliance International                            and the African Connection

ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL is a name synonymous with bringing players from the far corners of the world into GRAND MASTERS hockey – and once again, they have not disappointed the WGMA.


At this years European Cup tournament in Glasgow, not only will there be a number of South African players, but for the first time, competing in a WGMA tournament, will be 2 players from Ghana. Hopefully, this will eventually lead to Ghana competing as a nation.


Another first at the tournament will be the presence of 3 women 60+ players from South Africa.

South Africa, who have around 15 players over the various age groups at tournament this year, have, apart from some of the usual suspects, Clyde Lok, John Barham, Moose Mills, Jerry Bailey, Arthur Godbeer, Alan Nieuwenhuyzen and Roy Wilson, an army of quality players to add to the Alliance lineup.


There is also a sprinkling of ‘names’ in the group – Tom Lawless, the WGMA Board Member for Africa and a member of the SA GM executive, Derek McAslan, a member of the SA GM executive and Roy Wilson, President of SA Grand Masters and Vice President of Alliance International.


Among the players, is the only SA woman to have competed thus far in a GM World Cup, Sally Walsh, who played in Canberra in 2016, for the Alliance. To support her, is Shane Wiggil and Carol-Ann James, both at their first international hockey tournament.


We also have Kevin Nicol, who participated in the Masters WC last year for SA and Chris Haley, who captained the SA 60TT in Newcastle. There is Rodney Robb, an SA player, Philip van der Gucht, an SA player and fluent in Japanese [very useful in the Alliance with our team mates] and ‘Jinx’ Downs, currently resident in Dubai, so please excuse him should he opt to play in a burka.


Our players from Ghana have played for a number of years at the SA Masters tournament and Samuel Mante-Akrofi is a past member of the Ghana Hockey Federation. Hans Wersin, is an architect, with serious designs on going home with a medal.


We look forward to renewing friendships and meeting many new friends, in this game we all so enjoy.

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